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What kinds of harm is done by drinking alcohol?

Harms done by drinking alcohol.

Alcoholism can take a toll on the human body, causing social, emotional, and physical ailments. This can cause a variety of problems, including the following:

Physical damage:

Physical damage

Alcoholism can cause physical damage and it can affect different parts. These losses can be the following:

Functionality Effects:

Functionality Effects by drinking alcohol

  • Liquor can affect functionality, which can damage different parts of the body. Muscles, heart, kidneys, liver, etc. can all be affected.
  • Drinking can cause loss of body control, damage the small muscles, and make it difficult to do hard work.

Heart problems:

heart attack

  • Drinking liquor can cause heart disease and it can put extra stress on the heart which can lead to heart disease.
  • Drinking liquor can damage the heart muscle and lead to more complicated heart

Kidney problems:


  • Liquor can damage kidney function or various theoretical substances used for alcoholism.
  • Drinking liquor can damage the kidneys over time and lead to chronic kidney

Liver problems:


  • Alcoholism can damage liver function, and this can lead to liver problems or cirrhosis.
  • Liquor can cause high activity and inflammation in the liver, which can be caused by excessive drinking.

For this reason, excessive consumption of liquor can cause heavy damage to physical health both at personal and social levels.

Psychological problems:

Psychological problems by drinking alcohol

Alcoholism can lead to emotional problems and mental health problems. There are many similarities between the causes of alcoholism and the problems associated with it, which can be the source of various psychological problems. This may include:

Alcoholism can lead to:

Alcoholism can lead to

  • Excessive use of liquor can impair a person’s mental health.
  • Alcoholism can be associated with a person’s mental health problems, and it can disrupt the mental well-being of an alcoholic.

Ill routine and loss of family relationships:

loss of family relationships

  • Drinking can disrupt a person’s routine, which can bring illness to the day’s work and give up their time for support and entertainment.
  • Drinking can cause family problems, it can cause loss of motivation, or illness due to illness, accidents, and temporary problems among family members.

Effects on human news systems:

Increasing the amount of liquor can affect the human news system. A person’s mental health under the influence of liquor can cause additional stress and social problems.

Problems in Employment:

Problems in Employement

  • Alcoholism can cause problems in employment, it can damage the ability, performance, and reputation of the officer or employee.
  • For drinking, a person seeks additional approval in employment and this may create obstacles to his professional career and respect.

These problems can combine to influence each other and take a heavy toll on an alcoholic’s life in terms of emotional problems and relationships. This is why it is important to recognize the relationship between alcoholism and psychological problems and to take care of it.

Social ills:

Following Community

Alcoholism can cause social ills, it can affect society and cause many problems in an alcoholic’s life. In this case, the problem may be:

Problems in Employment:

Problems in Employement

  • Drinking can cause problems in employment. Liquor can impair an officer’s or employee’s ability, performance, and reputation. This may cause them problems in getting correspondence in employment and may make it difficult for them to develop and improve their professional career.

Unhealthy behavior in society:

Unhealthy behavior in society

  • Drinking liquor can cause unhealthy behavior in society and it can lead to unhealthy behavior. This can cause problems in their social and family relationships and severely affect their social interactions.

Problems in the family:

Problems in the family

  • Alcoholism can cause problems in the family. It can cause loss of enthusiasm or experience illness due to illness, accidents, and problems in family members.

Loss of social ties:

Loss of social ties

  • Drinking can cause problems in a person’s social relationships. Alcoholism can cause social problems about him and damage his social network.

Loss of social status and respect:

  • Drinking can damage a person’s social status and respect. Drinking or having a drinking problem can harm his social and professional career and lower his self-esteem and self-confidence.

Because of this, alcoholism can lead to problems and social ills in the lives of individuals in emerging communities, which can be felt in an alcoholic’s standard of living and community spirit. The best way to help overcome these problems is to provide social support and appropriate treatment.


Over-the-top utilization of liquor can cause different issues in an individual’s life, like physical, close to home, and social issues. It can create conduct issues at work, issues with individuals in the family, and social ills. Social help, treatment, and dynamic correspondence with family are significant in reducing liquor issues. Accommodating help, particularly with treatment and fitting social help, can assist with beating drinking issues.

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