Guidelines for Blog Submission

Guidelines for blog submission: LiveWithGreen is a digital marketing and content platform devoted to promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. People may be able to improve their product, health, and wellness decisions with the assistance of the platform’s resources and information. LiveWithGreen’s blog, which discusses a wide range of sustainability, health, and wellness-related topics, is one method by which the organization disseminates its message.

There are a few things to keep in mind when submitting an article to LiveWithGreen’s blog.

1. Content ought to be original and derived from reliable research for blog submission.

The goal of LiveWithGreen is to provide readers with current and accurate information. When you publish an article on your blog, it should be well-reasoned and drawn from trustworthy sources. In addition, the content shouldn’t have been distributed previously online.

2. The content should be related to the purpose of the platform.

The objective of LiveWithGreen is to advocate for a sustainable and healthy way of life. It ought to be about the effort to distribute a blog post. Programming, home design, supportability, well-being and health, and other topics would be appropriate topics to discuss. You can inquire with the platform if you are unsure whether your subject would be appropriate for LiveWithGreen.

3. It is absolutely necessary to have content that is written well and also engaging.

The blog of LiveWithGreen aims to be informative and interesting. If you want to submit an article, it needs to be engaging and written well. As a result, it ought to use engaging language and tone while also being simple to read. Additionally, the content should be organized in a way that is not only logical but also simple to follow.

4. Give materials that are useful for blog submission.

The LiveWithGreen blog’s primary objective is to provide readers with useful information. If you want to submit an article, it needs to be actionable and show readers how to live a healthier and more sustainable life.

5. The appropriate format should be adhered to when submitting content.

Before an article can be posted to the LiveWithGreen blog, it needs to be properly organized. Therefore, it must be in Word or Google Doc format and devoid of any formatting that would make it difficult to publish. Additionally, separate high-quality video and image submissions are necessary.

6. A brief bio and headshot ought to be included in the content for blog submission.

If your article is selected for publication on the LiveWithGreen blog, you will be required to submit a brief bio and headshot. Readers will want to get a sense of your identity and familiarity with the subject with the help of this data, which will help them remember the article.

7. SEO best practices should be followed in the content.

You must strictly adhere to SEO best practices if you want to submit an article to LiveWithGreen’s blog. As a result, the content must be optimized for search engines and utilize relevant keywords and phrases. Additionally, the content should be arranged in a way that makes it easy for web search tools to understand.

Writing an article for the LiveWithGreen blog is a great way to share your knowledge and grow your audience. Follow these guidelines if you want to submit an article. Your article’s chances of being shared on the LiveWithGreen blog can be increased if you follow these guidelines.


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