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How to Eliminate Depression?

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Elimination of Depression

Man in Depression


Feeling a little upset, bored, or tired is a part of our life. But sometimes some events move our minds so deeply that no joy around can touch us anymore. Day after day we sink into a deep depression. Some may have a loved one moved away, some may be traumatized by the breaking of a cherished dream, or some other personal suffering. Day after day, week after week, month after month passed in such lethargy. That’s when the depression hit us. But there is a difference between depression and general upset.


Symptoms of Depression

So, to deal with depression, first, understand what are the symptoms of depression.

  • Not being able to do regular tasks correctly.
  • Feeling too tired to do anything. This fatigue is not only physical fatigue but also mental fatigue.
  • Things that used to be interesting like reading books, painting, watching movies, etc., no longer feel that interest.
  • A constant feeling of suffocation, wanting to cry, feeling anxious or very depressed all the time.
  • Abnormal weight gain or weight loss.
  • Feeling confused, not being able to think clearly, and indecisiveness.
  • Sleeping much or not sleeping at all.
  • Feeling totally helpless, feeling guilty about yourself.
  • Being always irritable or in a rough mood.
  • Finally, try to harm yourself.

If you find these signs in your behavior, then you need to think seriously. I am not a psychiatrist or therapist. I can only suggest some methods that can be taken as primary treatment for depression. In many cases, it is possible to overcome depression in this way, and if not, I would suggest that you go to an experienced psychiatrist without delay or neglecting the matter.

Some Way to Eliminate Depression:

Stay in touch with your people:

Keep yourself socialized even if forced. This does not mean staying on Facebook or social networks. Spend time with your family, visit relatives, friends or call them. Don’t isolate yourself.

physiotherapy to eliminate depression

Do Exercise to eliminate depression:

This is very important to beat depression. It is a great mood lifter. Apart from sweating the body, it also helps to relieve the pain of the mind. You don’t need to go to the gym or do weight lifting for this. Get up in the early morning and walk for around 30 minutes. Also, you can do this walking in the afternoon if you want. But the morning is the most suitable for this. Taking a walk to breathe in the fresh air outside will greatly reduce the stress on your mind.



Routine Work to eliminate depression


Work routines are severely affected by depression. It cannot be fixed in a day. During this time sleep time is disturbed or food is eaten properly, baths are not done properly, etc. Get these things into a routine first. Either way, go to bed at exactly the same time every day and try to get up at the same time. Set a daily meal and bath time and try to do it at that time. If there is a study, keep a watch for it, you may not have attended at that time, and even if you don’t, don’t get up from the study table. Every time something else comes to your mind, explain yourself again and start working.


Setting goals:

At this time, you feel very helpless, you have no faith or trust in yourself. So, make a daily to-do list and try to complete it. Don’t stress yourself out with a big workload at the start. Start small. Then increase it little by little. A slight effort is better than no effort at all.

Food Control

Food Control to eliminate depression:

One may overeat during this time. For example, when tea, cigarettes, sweets, or junk food are consumed by someone, they reach for alcohol. Stay away from these. Excess tea or coffee increases depression. Whatever you eat, eat regularly. Set a fixed time for afternoon tea, and arrange to have tea at that time. You will like it. If you want to eat junk food, give yourself a task and then eat that food only when that task is completed. On the other hand, some may stop eating and drinking altogether. Tell them to take up cooking as a hobby. If you cook it yourself, you will want to eat it.

Do something new:

Try to do things in life that have not been done due to various busyness. Like I sewed several wall hangings in my worst moments. They will keep you busy and help keep your attention. Now there is nothing that cannot be learned on YouTube. I started learning to draw, and do whatever I like.


Many may say at this stage, if I could do these things, I would not suffer from depression. It’s true. Even simple tasks become difficult in severe depression. Get started willpower is the real thing here. Do you want to get lost or find yourself? Fix that. Give yourself more time before giving to others. Love yourself before loving others. It may take time, but keep trying until you regain yourself.

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