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Constipation and Health in the Ramadan

Ramadan Health

Many individuals who are fasting during the long stretch of Ramadan are experiencing constipation. Constipation may occur due to eating too much oily food or fried foods, eating too much solid food, drinking less water or not eating or eating less fibrous food during Iftar this Ramadan. Consequently, it is feasible to dispose of obstruction simply by keeping vegetables, and products of the soil in the food menu, eating more servings of mixed greens, and obviously drinking more water.


Some Tips for Ramadan

A Peptic Ulcer in the Ramadan

Peptic Ulcer

Many people who suffer from peptic ulcer worry about fasting. That’s what many individuals believe assuming they invest a lot of energy while starving, their causticity is probably going to increment. Is it really so? Ramadan is the month of mercy, if you fast during this month, there is usually very little chance of increasing acidity. But if there is such a problem, the main task of those patients is to eat regularly, sleep and take medicine on time. Many people may not know that the incidence of ACD is reduced to a great extent during fasting as people follow a certain routine and time. People who have peptic ulcers should not eat fried food in any way. It is possible to get rid of this problem if they take food chess normally.

Fasting During Pregnancy in Ramadan


Many expectant mothers fast during pregnancy. Some people give up fasting thinking that it will harm the unborn child. However, whether a pregnant mother can fast or not depends on whether she has any physical complications. Especially in the first 3-4 months of pregnancy, you can fast easily. Many are unable to fast during the first two-three months of pregnancy due to nausea or vomiting. That is the reason many quickly during the fourth, fifth, and sixth long periods of pregnancy. Due to physical complications during pregnancy, there is a provision in Islam to break the fast. However, a physical checkup should be done as per the advice of an expert Muslim doctor and then the fast should be broken.

Fasting Blood Test in Ramadan

Blood test in Ramadan

Many people have a misconception that the physical requirement of blood tests during fasting breaks or spoils the fast. Prominent Islamic thinkers have opined that drawing blood for a blood test for the treatment of a sick person does not invalidate the fast. Since contingent on the state of the wiped-out individual, a specialist might arrange a fasting blood test for crisis treatment.

Ramadan Food

Ramadan Food

After fasting the whole day, in Ramadan Iftar, we prepare and eat various oily and fried foods, which are very tasty to look at and eat but are also very harmful to the stomach. Iftar of Rasoolullah SAW was with fresh dates or dates. If there were no ripe dates, he would take some dry dates and complete the Iftar. If there were no dry dates, he would drink a few sips of water. Another thing to remember is that drinking colorful drinks at Iftar is as fun as it is harmful to the body. Because the color is made of chemicals that are harmful to the body. Even while having dinner or sehri we have to be careful not to eat too much oily or greasy food. More vegetables, fish, and chicken are also good and healthy to eat at this time. It is better if you can keep fruits with it.

Messwalk in Fasting

Messwalk in Ramadan

Everybody gets up each day and attempts to deal with their teeth. Everyone wants his teeth to be clean. Many Muslims refrain from brushing their teeth during the first part of the day during fasting for fear of breaking the fast. In any case, as per noticeable Islamic masterminds, it is smarter to perform Meswak toward the start of the day, as well as toward the end, and it is the Sunnah of the Prophet. Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam said Meswak is a means of purifying the face and attaining the Lord’s pleasure. The Prophet (peace be upon him) also said, “If I did not find it difficult for my Ummah, I would have ordered them to perform Meswak during every prayer.”

Tooth Extraction While Fasting

Tooth Extraction

Islamic experts have opined that if one suffers from a tooth problem that is intolerable, i.e. severe pain or agony, when there is no other option but to extract the tooth, then the tooth can be extracted even if one is fasting and it will not invalidate the fast. Their argument was that the blood that comes out after tooth extraction does not invalidate the fast. Since it doesn’t have a similar impact as a horn. So, there is no risk of losing the fast.

Asthmatic Fasting in Ramadan


At present, more than one crore of individuals in our nation is experiencing asthma. Many people abstain from fasting due to the fear of increasing asthma during fasting. Nonetheless, on the off chance that the degree of enduring is high, there is a request to break the quick. So, if the patient’s asthma is under control, there is no restriction on fasting. According to eminent doctors, fasting during Ramadan gives a lot of relief or peace to asthma patients. Also, Islamic experts believe that asthma patients can use inhalers during the day while fasting.

Fasting Reduces Stress


The period of Ramadan is the long stretch of love, the period of benevolence, and the period of gifts. Those who are constantly suffering from mental stress can use this month properly. Reciting the Quran during fasting, focusing more on studying and practicing the Quran, and applying the hadiths will reduce mental stress to a large extent. Those who are under stress can choose any surah of the Quran to study very well this month. Apart from that, performing the Taraweeh prayer in the congregation will give you peace of mind by reciting the Qur’an. To get Allah’s mercy, it is necessary to make a habit of giving more this month and also doing good deeds. At this time, you should refrain from doing bad things. Lying should be evaded as much as possible. And through these, Allah Almighty will fill your mind with endless happiness and peace.

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