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What are the signs of thyroid in women?

Signs of thyroid in women?

The thyroid gland is an endocrine gland. From which thyroid hormone is released. It is a very important hormone. Because it produces other necessary hormones in the body. This gland looks like a butterfly. which is located in a part of the throat.

What is a thyroid?

This thyroid secretion is but in a proper amount. Means as much as the body needs. But when there is more or less secretion than the body needs, there is a problem. It doesn’t happen overnight. It happens gradually. So, the problem appears gradually. As it controls other important aspects of the body, the damage inside the body is also slow. Since it happens very slowly, most women do not realize that they have this problem. But when the problem is severe, they go to the doctor.

How to recognize your thyroid problem early

Here, we are explaining some ways. How to recognize your thyroid problem early, check out some of its symptoms.

1. Weight variation

Weight Variation Thyroid

Sudden weight fluctuations. Sudden weight gain may occur. It may decrease again. The body may suddenly become very swollen. Maybe you are controlling the diet according to the rules, but still getting fat. Or maybe you are eating right but you are getting very thin. Then don’t leave it. Go to the doctor. Because it is a symptom of the thyroid problem.

2. Mental problems

Mental Problem

Some mental problems are also seen. Such as mental anxiety and depression. Anxiety or depression always works on everything. But it is not always due to mental problems alone. If it suddenly becomes too much, it is better to go to the doctor.

3. Changes in body temperature

Body Temperature

If there is a thyroid problem, sometimes the body temperature changes. Like sometimes it can feel very cold. Sometimes it can be very cold. But this happens without any seasonal changes. It means that even in winter you may suddenly feel very hot. If it is too much, it should be understood as a thyroid problem.

4. Skin becomes very dry

Dry Skin

Now the skin will be dry in the winter, but is the skin too dry in addition to the winter? Applying moisturizer, and drinking water, but the skin feels very dry. Don’t skip it because of dry skin. It could be a thyroid problem.

5. Hair loss

Hair Loss

Are you suddenly losing much hair? Many treatments are not getting any benefit. Then it is a symptom of the thyroid problem. Don’t leave it at all. Go to the doctor. One of the symptoms of abnormal hormonal changes in the body is hair loss.

6. Discomfort in the neck

Period Problem Thyroid

There is no problem with the neck, but suddenly you feel a lot of discomfort in the neck for a few days? Along with the change in the tone of voice. This means the tone of the throat becomes quite hoarse. When this problems occur. So, take care.

7. Body aches

Body Pain

Are you suddenly feeling pain in the joints or muscles? If it does not decrease even with proper treatment and is too high, or lasts for a long time, then it should be understood that there is a thyroid problem in the body.

8. Period problems

Period Problem

Many people have irregular periods. or stomach ache. These are common period problems. But suppose he saw that it happened in one month but not in the next month. Or the amount that was in one month is suddenly very less in the next month. And if such period irregularity continues, then don’t leave it at all. Because it is also a symptom of the thyroid problem.

9. Toilet problems

Toilet Problem

Apart from the above reasons, thyroid problems also cause some constipation problems.

So, if these above symptoms appear in your body, then it is not difficult to understand that there is a thyroid problem. But there is nothing to fear if one of these symptoms appears. But if more symptoms appear than this, definitely go to the doctor.

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