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Hair Loss Treatment at Home

What is Hair Loss Treatment at Home?

Hair Loss Treatment at Home

Introduction about hair loss treatment:

Who doesn’t want beautiful, thick, strong black hair? Everyone likes beautiful and thick hair. Because hair brings out the most beauty in girls. And so, we all wish to have beautiful, thick, and, strong to keep ourselves neat and tidy. Nonetheless, for a specific issue, it may not be imaginable much of the time. In this article, we’ll discuss hair loss treatment at home.

Hair Loss Treatment at Home

Coconut oil and ginger juice for fast hair growth

Nowadays all of us have more or fewer problems with hair fall. Generally, this hair fall problem is more common in people of different age groups due for various reasons. Along with girls, boys also have this problem. In any case, this issue is most normal in young men and young ladies during adolescence. Be that as it may, during adolescence, this issue is more normal in young ladies than young men.


Some special reasons for hair loss problems are:

  • For hair to remain dirty and unclean.
  • If dust accumulates at the root of the hair.
  • Brush wet hair frequently.
  • Regular use of electronic heaters or irons on hair.
  • Frequent use of different medicines or hair colors.

Hair fall problems occur due to the above reasons. Be that as it may, regardless of how convoluted the issue is, there is most certainly an answer. It is possible to get rid of this problem only by following some restrictions and hair care. Following are some restrictions and hair care tips as hair loss treatment:


  • Hair cannot be combed when wet.
  • Always follow natural rules for hair drying, and avoid using any heaters.
  • Always use any 1 brand of shampoo on hair. Do not change brands frequently.

Those who are suffering from hair loss problems must follow the above restrictions. Assuming that you follow the limitations, we want to believe that you will dispose of this issue very soon.

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Make dry, rough hair in winter soft like wool

Hair care and hair loss treatment:

  • Oiling the hair at least 3-4 days a week.
  • Avoid shampooing daily. It is best not to shampoo more than 3 days a week.
  • Make a paste of fenugreek, henna, and sour curd and use it on your hair at least 2 times a month. It will make the hair bright, vibrant, and shiny.

The main food for hair is oil and vitamin oil. Vitamin oil means vitamin E oil or capsule. As for oil, there are different brands of different oils. Many people say that even after oiling the hair regularly, the hair is not strong, the hair is falling instead of shiny. Then the only thing for them is hair staple food i.e. hair oiling and some proper rules. Of course, oil should be applied to the hair according to the rules otherwise the expected results cannot be expected.

Following are the correct rules for oiling the hair as hair loss treatment:

1. Proper rules and care of oiling as hair loss treatment:

There are also some rules for oiling as hair loss treatment, such as Oil must be balanced between hair and scalp. 70% of the oil ought to be applied to the scalp and the leftover 30% ought to be applied to the hair. But care should be taken so that most of the oil does not stick to the hair. The oil must be applied to the scalp itself. If most of the oil gets stuck to the hair then the best results will not be achieved.

2. Proper hot oil massage as hair loss treatment:

Give hot oil massage at least 1 day a week to keep your hair healthy.

But it is essential to be specified in the right method. Many people also say that they do not see any improvement in hair health even after hot oil massage because 1 is not following the right regimen.

Many of you tie up your hair after a hot oil massage and shampoo it. But this is not the correct rule, the correct rule is: After the hot oil massage, the hair must be twisted with a hot towel. Shampoo should be done at least 3 hours after applying the oil.

By following the above rules we can easily get rid of hair fall problems or we can help ourselves and other family members to deal with this hair fall problem.

Hair Loss Treatment at Home

Restore hair health with the virtues of saffron as hair loss treatment:

The word saffron or saffron has a royal flavor! Now that touch of royalty is going to be in your hair too. According to scientists, a pinch of saffron holds the key to shiny hair. Saffron is very beneficial, especially for those who are experiencing extreme hair loss! Saffron is also great for maintaining good scalp health by eliminating dandruff!

So, whether your problem is hair growth, baldness, or dandruff, whatever, saffron is here to solve the problem! See how to use this priceless herb!

Reduce hair loss

Saffron’s anti-oxidants can stop hair growth quickly. Saffron strengthens the hair by delivering nutrients to the root of the hair, resulting in faster hair growth.

How to use

Soak some saffron in little milk. Add a little jastimadhu to it. Both saffron and jasmine can be found in any huge supermarket or store. Make the mixture into a slightly sticky paste. Apply this paste to your hair and scalp. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water. Do it twice a week.

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If the hair is damaged

Hair can become damaged due to various reasons like sun, pollution, and chemical hair loss treatment. Use saffron and regain lost hair health!

How to use

Grind a teaspoon of saffron and blend it in with almond oil or olive oil. Heat this combination on a small fire for 5 minutes. Then cool it to room temperature and store it in a bottle. The quality of saffron will slowly start mixing in the oil. Presently take a modest quantity of this oil and apply it routinely on your hair and scalp. On the one hand, as the hair will gradually overcomes the damage, it will also reduce hair growth. Shake the bottle after each use.

Reduce dandruff

Continuous use of medicated shampoos reduces dandruff but also damages hair. Instead, trust saffron to reduce dandruff.

How to use

Take a squeeze of saffron and grind it. Add one gram of pepper powder to it. Now mix this mixture in 50 ml of cold-pressed sesame oil. Heat it on medium heat and apply it to your hair and scalp. If you put it regularly for a few days, dandruff will go away!

Hair Loss Treatment at Home

Tea liqueur for hair loss treatment

One of Bengali’s favorite foods is tea. Whether it’s something else or not, we can’t go a day without tea. We need some tea when we get up toward the beginning of the day. Be it a strong cup of liqueur tea, or hot spiced hot milk tea. There is no pairing of tea to instantly invigorate a full night’s sleep.

But do you know that these tea leaves can strengthen our bodies as well as our hair? Many people don’t seem to know. In fact, tea leaves can play a very useful role in our hair care. For these benefits of tea leaves, tea liquor has been used for hair loss treatment in different countries for a long time. Today I will talk about a simple method of using tea liquor for hair care.

How to make tea liqueur for hair loss treatment

We need only two ingredients for this tea liqueur hair rinse. They are

  • Two cups of water
  • Tea leaves 3 tablespoons

First, boil two cups of water on the stove. When the water boils, put tea leaves in it and reduce the heat of the stove. After boiling for some time, when the water reduces to a cup, the stove should be turned off. In this condition, the tea liquor should be kept for an hour. By this time the tea liquor will cool down to room temperature. Then it can be used.

How to use tea liqueur in hair loss treatment

First, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. Care should be taken not to leave any kind of dirt or oil on the head or hair. If necessary, shampoo several times. After shampooing, the hair should be washed thoroughly again using conditioner as usual. After that, the hair should be washed with the previously prepared cold tea locker. Leave it like this for two to three minutes. After this, there is no need to wash the hair with normal water. Wipe the hair lightly with a towel.

Role of tea liqueur in hair loss treatment

Tea liquor helps us to stop hair loss. It works great for coloring hair naturally. It also makes the hair very shiny. However, those who prefer deep black color for their hair should not use this hair rinse. Using this hair rinse gives a light reddish color to the hair.

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