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Moringa Leaf

Health Benefits of Moringa Leaf

Why keep Moringa leaf in the diet chart?

Local and foreign scientists call this tree ‘Miracle Tree’ for its various medicinal properties. The quality of this very well-known plant cannot be overstated. Moringa trees are medium in size and have small leaves. But not only delicious as a vegetable, Moringa leaves have various medicinal properties, for which it is called a ‘Natural Multi Vitamin Plant’. Today we will know about the health benefits of Moringa leaf. From today’s feature, you will know why it is necessary to keep this herb in the diet chart.

What are the health benefits of Moringa leaves?

Moringa Powder

Rich in nutrients, Moringa is a favorite food of many of us. But very few people know that the leaves of this tree also have health benefits. Due to their nutritional properties, This leaves are considered medicinal as well as good for health. Today we will know about the various health benefits of Moringa leaf.

Nutritional value of Moringa leaves

Moringa leaves are much richer in nutrients than any other vegetable. It contains about 8 types of amino acids and more than 38% protein, which is not easily found in any other vegetable or leaf. For those who are vegetarians, one of the best sources of meat is Moringa leaves. Also, if considered in terms of quantity, the same quantity of this leaves is-

  • 7 times more vitamin C than oranges
  • 4 times more calcium and 2 times more calcium than milk
  • 2 times more protein than eggs
  • 4 times more vitamin A than carrots
  • About 3 times more potassium than bananas

Also, the macro and micro elements that our body needs for daily functioning and keeping the body in good condition include-

  • 42% non-vegetarian
  • 125% calcium
  • 61% magnesium
  • 41% potassium
  • 71% iron
  • 272% Vitamin-A
  • 22% Vitamin-C

A tablespoon of Moringa powder is a very necessary complementary food to meet the daily non-nutritive needs of a child. Again, 6 teaspoons of this leaf powder daily plays an effective role in meeting the nutritional needs of a pregnant mother. So, this tree is also called ‘Mother’s best friend’ in many places.

Medicinal properties of Moringa leaves

Scientists have termed moringa leaf as ‘nutritional dynamite’ in terms of nutrition. Some evidence of why this is so is evident in the nutrition chart above. But the quality of these leaves is actually useful in any human disease? Who should eat it? Let’s find them now!

Reduces high blood pressure

Blood Pressure

4-6 teaspoons of Moringa leaf powder daily are very beneficial for high blood pressure patients. This brings the blood pressure under control; sudden blood pressure fluctuations are stopped. So, by consuming the leaf powder regularly, high blood pressure medication can be gradually avoided.

Helps restore appetite


This leaves can be an effective solution for those who suffer from long-term illness or have aversion to food due to other reasons. It helps in reducing food cravings quite well.

Eliminates anemia

This leaves are rich in iron which is one of the components of our red blood cells. So, eating Moringa leaves regularly can play an effective role in eliminating your anemia problem.

Controls diabetes


One of the health benefits of Moringa leaves is that it keeps your cholesterol under control, helping to reduce the bad fats in the blood. Also controls the sugar level in the body. So, this leaf is one of the most helpful ingredients in controlling diabetes.

Helps to remove blindness


Moringa leaves are effective in removing blindness. These leaves are rich in vitamin A, which is the most essential for maintaining good eyesight. So, to eliminate blindness, the leaf is an unrivaled ingredient!

Helps prevent cancer


Several components of Moringa leaves work together to fight cancer very well. A study has shown that this leaf juice plays an important role in slowing down the growth of pancreatic cancer cells.

Prevents premature aging signs


Due to the high number of anti-oxidants in moringa leaves, it prevents the signs of aging on the skin and responds quickly to any inflammation. So, this leaf plays a very effective role in healing wounds or suppressing inflammation.

Healthy Heart


By keeping cholesterol and blood sugar under control, This leaf helps to maintain normal blood flow and pressure in the heart. So, one of the properties of this leaf is that it keeps your heart healthy till old age!

Helps in weight loss

Weight Loss

Moringa leaves are one of the most important ingredients for dietitians and meal planners today. Because the ingredients in this leaves help in metabolism, for which food is digested faster. This leaf powder has no match for gut health! So, dieticians advise eating 2 teaspoons of leaf powder or juice mixed with half lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey every morning, it digests the whole day’s food quickly and does not accumulate too much fat in the body.


The health benefits of Moringa leaf are truly unique and the list is long. The advantage of tropical countries is that in these places, Moringa trees are present throughout the year and also bear fruit. For which it is possible to work with fresh leaves. As in cold countries, there is no problem with buying this powder at a high price from super shops. Since it is possible to grow such a useful tree near the house and the process is not too difficult, we should plant the tree at home if we have the opportunity and make proper use of its leaves.

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