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Blood cancer (leukemia). Know the signs, be careful!

Blood cancer (leukemia)

Blood disease or Leukemia is a kind of blood malignant growth that goes after the white platelets in the human blood. White blood cells normally act as antibodies or disease-fighting agents in our body. People who suffer from blood cancer have dysfunctional white blood cells. Due to this the immune system of the patient’s body is destroyed and the affected person can go into a terrible condition very quickly.

Leukemia can happen to anyone. So, if you know about its symptoms in advance, it is possible to treat it from the beginning. The symptoms of leukemia are given in the below –

Symptoms of Leukemia

In today’s article let’s learn about the symptoms of Leukemia.

The flu

The flu

The most common symptom of blood cancer is the flu. When the body’s antibodies stop working in blood cancer, the body first gets infected with the flu. If the flu gets better after two/three days it is a sign of normal flu. But if persistent fever, chills, or fatigue are felt, it is important to see a doctor quickly.



Depression is one of the symptoms of blood cancer. Patients suffering from this disorder suffer from severe depression and it is different and much higher than normal depression. Although depression starts from the early stages of leukemia, many people avoid it. But if one ever experiences persistent severe fatigue, one should seek immediate medical attention.

Weight loss

Weight loss

Leukemia patients will regularly lose weight. Weight loss can occur for many reasons, but eventually, it stops and the weight deficit is compensated. But in the case of blood cancer, the affected person will lose weight constantly. At that moment regular eating or nutritious food is of no use.

Bleeding is minimal

People with blood cancer have a higher rate of bleeding easily. This is on the grounds that the quantity of red platelets and platelets in the blood of an individual with blood cancer is exceptionally low, which is likewise an indication of sickliness. Due to this, a small injury to the skin causes a lot of bleeding. On the off chance that this happens to somebody, it ought to be dealt with in light of the fact that it is an intense indication of leukemia.

Blood clots in the body

Blood clots in the body

In the case of leukemia, blood clots in different places in the body will cause scars inside the skin. Sometimes the skin may become red due to rubbing or pressure. Be that as it may, on account of blood cancer, the side effects are totally unique. The skin will become scarred and may swell in many cases.



Leukemia annihilates the white platelets in the blood, which debilitates the body’s resistant framework. As a result, germs and bacteria can easily cause skin infections. Therefore, if an infection ever occurs with a small injury to the skin, it is considered a symptom of blood cancer.

Bone pain

Bone pain

If you have unexplained bone pain, you should pay attention to it. Many people may have arthritis pain. But if you do not have arthritis, but feel pain in various joints of the body including knees, then it is better to see a doctor quickly.

Leukemia Causes

Leukemia has many causes. Notable among them are –

  • If you have ever had chemotherapy before.
  • Radioactivity
  • Genetic problems.
  • If you are a smoker.
  • If someone has it earlier in the family (hereditary).
  • In case of contact with chemical liquids such as benzene.


So always keep the above things in mind. Try to avoid the causes of blood cancer as much as possible. And if it becomes blood cancer, then start treatment as per the advice of an experienced doctor.

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