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Hot Days

Foods that should be consumed and those that should be avoided on hot days

Foods that should be consumed and avoided on hot days

As we need healthy foods to survive. Similarly, a healthy, flexible, and disease-free body requires nutritious food. From food, we get our whole body’s energy and the body is active. We get the amount of energy our body needs for our daily activities from nutritious food.

We know that during summer the heat intensity is much higher than normal. And at the same time, we have to face different types of diseases due to eating uncontrolled food and unhealthy food. We are affected by various diseases like heat stroke, diarrhea due to the hot sun, and lack of water, so to stay healthy this summer we have to eat food in moderation and routine.

And it is possible to save yourself from various types of diseases by being a little aware in this hot summer. Especially harmful to our bodies such as oily food, unhealthy street food, fast food, and fatty food should be avoided.

The foods that should be eaten and avoided this summer

Drink plenty of clean water


Drinking plenty of pure water for the healthy and proper functioning of all the organs in the body is necessary to drink sufficient quantities of pure water. Most doctors believe that adults and working-age men and women need at least two liters of water per day to stay healthy.

An adequate quantity of pure water quenches our thirst as well as eliminates dehydration in the body. As a result, fatigue is removed and we remain energetic.

Eat more fruits


Different types of fruits are an essential food to replenish our body, provide nutrition and keep the body healthy and disease free. Various nutritionists have suggested that vegetables and fruits should be eaten five times a day to be physically healthy. For example, eating vegetables and fruits three times a day and eating fruits twice a day keeps the body balanced. This summer, eat green coconut, cucumber, mango, watermelon, and orange, and add watery vegetables to your diet.

Consuming fruit juice

Fruit Drinks

Fruits come in a wide variety over the world. The taste of different fruits varies from country to country. As a result, the amount of sugar is high and calories are also available. Apart from increasing the immunity of the body, the fruit has many other benefits. Many people don’t want to eat fruits, they can make juices from different fruits and eat them. But definitely try to blend different fruits and make juice at home. Like watermelon, orange, papaya, pineapple, etc. There are many benefits of making lemon or wooden apple juice.



When we are hungry this summer, we are confused about what to eat. Because then we don’t like anything good. Poha (rice) is a very useful food. Poha (rice) has many qualities.

On hot days, eating a little curd mixed with Poha (rice) gives a lot of peace and the body stays cool and healthy.

All the foods that should be avoided

What not to eat in summer

It is possible to avoid many physical problems by eating food in intense heat Avoid drinking water, syrup, and sugarcane juice sold on the pavement. All these drinks are made in an unhygienic environment. As a result, which consumption of these drinks leads to diseases like diarrhea, and dysentery along with increasing the risk of various other diseases. There is also a risk of death. Drink homemade juice or syrup.

Do not eat extra spicy foods

Spicy Foods

Extra spicy ingredients increase our body temperature. During summer, body temperature is high due to climate and environment, so we should avoid spicy foods.

Avoid fast food

Fast foods

All foods with excess oil are already harmful to our bodies. And especially in summer, it is good for the body not to eat these foods at all. Fast food fried in extra oil or unhealthy food should be eliminated from our diet. These foods can cause stomach aches and cause various physical problems.

Do not drink too much tea or coffee

Tea or Coffee

Drinking too much tea or coffee in summer should not be done at all. In summer, tea and coffee cause loss of appetite and digestive problems, so even if you have the habit of drinking tea or coffee, you should reduce it by thinking about the health of your body.

Do not eat cold drinks

Cold Drinks

Cold drinks or frozen food should not be consumed immediately after coming from the hot sun. When we come home from outside, our body temperature is high, so we have to face various physical problems by eating cold food. Take some rest slowly and mix normal water with cold water and drink cold water.

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