'Dream' matchup for Lacob: Warriors-Lakers playoff serie

Like the rest of us, Warriors owner Joe Lacob is anticipating the Western Conference semifinal game between Golden State and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Tuesday night at Chase Centre, Game 1 of the Warriors vs. Lakers will take place as Steph Curry and LeBron James continue their already legendary rivalry.

On "Warriors Pregame Live," Lacob spoke with Bonta Hill, Chris Mullin, Festus Ezeli, and Dorell Wright about how eager he is for the upcoming series.

"It's wonderful. The NBA, basketball in general, and the Warriors and Lakers all benefit greatly from this, according to Lacob.

"Playing the Lakers in a meaningful series is a dream; in the 13 years I've owned the franchise, it's kind of one of those things I've wanted to do.

"I was a Celtics fan growing up, then I was a Lakers fan parts of my life -- not anymore -- but it's very meaningful,

it's going to be so much fun, and I think it'll be a great series."

For the first time since their first-round showdown in 1991, when a Magic Johnson-led Lakers team defeated the "Run TMC" Warriors in five games,

Golden State and Los Angeles will compete in the playoffs.

"I am really excited about this series, this is the one you wait for... the Lakers, they've been a hot team," Lacob continued.

We have a lot of experience playing against one of the greatest players in history, who is on their squad.

Steph-LeBron and the entire story surrounding that will be fantastic. However, the fact that it is San Francisco and LA alone is enough to be very important.

"And it's a big thing that it's in a series that is really important because the winner advances to the Western Conference Finals.

It's a big deal, really. We're all excited about it and I can't wait for it to begin, I believe.”