Stylist's portable shop presently stops at Auerbach Center to cut Celtics player

The Celtics don't simply play like champs, they need to look like it, as well.

That falls on the deft hands of the group stylist, who has the tension of preparing their hair season finisher.

He is Coco Fernandez. Now and again, you can track down him in his portable barbershop.

Over quite a while back, he was driving it around when a couple of players paid heed.

"I would stop around better places, and players would see me, and I sort of made the connections that way.

When I got my most memorable hair style, they would simply allude me to the following player," makes sense of Fernandez.

Presently, he trims the group's hair in a hair parlor inside their Auerbach Center preparation office in Brighton.

The discussions during cuts can change from recent developments to NBA gab. He says Malcom Brogdon is the most specific about his hair,

yet Blake Griffin has the hardest hair to trim. Marcus Savvy can likewise be a test; in any case, he isn't the one answerable for coloring his hair various tones.

While we were talking with Fernandez for this story, Brilliant drove by and gave a defer.

"Savvy and I have been companions for very nearly 10 years currently," says Fernandez.

"Marcus is hard on the grounds that you need to circumvent the wind and turns of anything hairdo he has.

I need to lift up the thin meshes and shift them aside without wrecking them.

I need to make the lines succinct, so you can see the lines in the camera points under the hair."

The group got their hair style before the series began, however a few players favor getting a final detail before games.

Fernandez says position rules. The more extended a player has been in the group or in the association, they get first dibs in the seat.

"Marcus is the longest Celtic, yet Al Horford is the vet, so Marcus will presumably concede to Al," makes sense of Fernandez.

The more he becomes acquainted with the group, the more harrowing it is to watch their season finisher run.

He predicts the Celtics will beat the Intensity in seven games, then win the NBA Finals in six games against Denver.