Previous Pakistan Head of the state Imran Khan captured by paramilitary police

Previous Pakistan Head of the state Imran Khan was captured on Tuesday by paramilitary soldiers who crushed

their direction into a town hall in Islamabad to confine him on numerous debasement allegations.

The sensational and abrupt capture of the previous cricket star turned pioneer is the most recent part in long periods of

continuous political disturbance in the atomic outfitted country after Khan was removed the year before.

Khan was captured in Islamabad on charges brought by the Public Responsibility Department, the country's enemy of defilement organization.

He was introducing his biometric data for a court appearance when paramilitary powers isolated a window to get to him before catching him.

Paramilitary powers went after Islamabad High Court premises prior to capturing Khan who observed aloofness at the unfurling bedlam while wearing dull shades.

A brutal dissent broke out in the Pakistan city of Quetta Tuesday night neighborhood time, following Khan's capture, where an Imran Khan ally shot dead by police.

The individual was killed when police discharged cautioning shots towards a horde of individuals hurrying for a tactical designated spot.

Nonconformists tossed stones at police and burnt a police van while reciting against the public authority and armed force.

A few captures were made at the scene, which stays tense.