Twister Mocha now 'extremely serious cyclonic tempest': IMD

Hurricane Mocha has strengthened into an exceptionally extreme cyclonic tempest over the focal and southeast Sound of Bengal.

The typhoon has moved northwards at a speed of nine kilometers each hour as of now, as indicated by the India Meteorological Division.

"The tempest is 1010 km south-southwest of Cox's Bazar," the IMD said in its most recent update on the way and development of Mocha, reports our New Delhi reporter.

All tempest figure models are not showing any debilitating of Mocha before landfall, the IMD said today,

having projected a couple of days prior that the exceptionally extreme cyclonic tempest is probably going to debilitate somewhat prior to making landfall.

Mocha is probably going to move north-eastwards and escalate further over east-focal Sound of Bengal.

It is probably going to cross southeast Bangladesh and north Myanmar between Cox's Bazar and Kyaukpyu around early afternoon of May 14

as an exceptionally serious cyclonic tempest with a most extreme supported breeze speed of 150-160kmph, blasting up to 175kmph, as per IMD.

The IMD improved the flowing flood alert somewhat further because of the landfall of Mocha by saying that the level

of the waves set off by the exceptionally serious cyclonic tempest might ascend between 2 meters to 2.7 meters, up from the 2m-2.5m in the previous update.

This would may immerse low-lying areas of south east Bangladesh.