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What to Do in Case of Jaundice Apart from Taking Medicine

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Jaundice and It’s Organic Treatment

Jaundice Treatment

This is the time for us to be very careful. Spring is just around the corner and it’s getting hot. At this time, we are very sick. Measles and pox are common in spring. Also, there is a high possibility of the disease this summer, and that is jaundice. Jaundice is a very bad disease. Bad because it causes huge damage to our body. Bad because it weakens us from the inside. We can hardly do anything. But jaundice doesn’t just have to be dependent on medication. Medicine is necessary, and along with it, some other things need to be followed. And only then we can have some comfort even during jaundice.

Why Does Jaundice Occur?

Jaundice occurs when our body does not have the proper balance of bilirubin. Bilirubin is a waste product in the blood that is supposed to leave the body. It is mainly yellow in color and remains as a residue after the iron has been removed from the blood cells. Jaundice occurs when the body cannot remove it properly and it starts to accumulate. Basically, this problem is caused by any fault of the liver. The liver filters impurities from the blood. Thus, when bilirubin reaches the liver, if it is not filtered properly and does not leave the body, then the possibility of jaundice increases.

What Are the Symptoms?

  1. Yellowing of the eyes is the first sign of jaundice. Besides, the skin color also becomes yellowish.
  2. The color of urine becomes yellow. Feces becomes discolored.
  3. Looks very weak. And the weight is reduced a lot in one fell swoop.
  4. Abdominal pain occurs occasionally. There is a lot of pain all over the hands, feet, and wrists.
  5. Sometimes fever comes with chills.
  6. There is always a feeling of nausea.

What to Do at This Time

Medicines must be taken at this time. But apart from medicines, there are some other home remedies that we can use to reduce the problem of jaundice. We might like it a bit.


1. Sugarcane Juice

As I said before, the liver has a big role in jaundice. Sugarcane juice regulates the normal functioning of the liver. It also reduces bilirubin levels and helps in frequent urination. And the toxins leave the body only when you urinate. You can eat sugarcane juice alone or add some lemon juice to it.




Ginger Juice

2. Ginger Juice

Ginger also works very well in jaundice. It is actually very helpful in restoring the taste in the mouth. Ginger juice is not very good to eat. So, eat honey mixed with ginger juice at this time every day. It will also be good to eat, it will also be beneficial.





3. Carrot Juice

Jaundice makes the body very weak. So, body strength is very necessary at this time. Vitamins in carrots will give the body strength. Liver function will also be brought to a normal level. A glass of carrot juice should be consumed at this time.





4. Pineapple

Pineapple works very well as a purifier. The main cause of jaundice is impurity, i.e., bilirubin not being excreted properly. Pineapple does that cleansing job. Whether juiced or raw, pineapple should be eaten at least three to four days a week.





5. Amlaki

Amlaki is rich in vitamin C. So, at this time our body’s vitamin needs can be met from this amlaki. One Amlaki should be boiled and eaten with rice every day. And if you can, then eat amlaki juice. It is also very effective in rejuvenating liver cells.



6. Currants

Currants help the blood in the body. At this time our body needs to have a balance of blood to be strong and healthy which will come from Bedana. Currants are high in antioxidants and high in sodium. These ingredients work very well in curing jaundice.



Eat these foods regularly. And drink a lot of water, and don’t go out in the sun too much. Try to keep your body cool. Only then will you see the benefit.

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