You are currently viewing Unbearable pain to move the shoulder! Are you suffering from a frozen shoulder?

Unbearable pain to move the shoulder! Are you suffering from a frozen shoulder?

Are you suffering from a frozen shoulder?

Have you experienced a shoulder ache for a while? Pain medication is taken, which relieves the pain somewhat but does not cure it completely. As soon as I move my hand, the pain becomes extreme, it seems that I will be suffocated by the pain.

In short, moving the shoulder causes excruciating pain. The doctor said the name of this disease is frozen shoulder. But why does this disease occur and what age group suffers from this problem? Is there any treatment or prevention? Let’s know the answers to various questions about frozen shoulders.

What is a Frozen Shoulder?

What is a Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a condition that causes shoulder joint pain and limitation of joint movement. In the initial stage, the pain is mild, gradually the pain increases, and the movement of the joint becomes impossible. It can be said in simple words, stiffening of the hand and neck joints.

It is an inflammatory disease of the shoulder joint. In this case, a type of fluid called synovial fluid between the joints decreases. The shoulder joint progressively stiffens as a result. A frozen shoulder is medically called ‘Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis’.

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Whose is it?

  • This disease usually occurs at the age of 40-60 years.
  • Women suffer from this disease more than men.
  • Certain diseases (such as stroke, surgery) or injury to the shoulder joint increase the risk of developing this disease.

Why is there unbearable pain when moving the shoulder or a frozen shoulder?

Pain moving the shoulder or a frozen shoulder

This disease’s primary etiology is yet unknown. However, in some cases, this disease is more likely to occur. For example, if the joint of the hand is injured, due to some reason, the joint becomes stiff due to not moving the joint for a long time, this disease occurs.

In addition, a frozen shoulder can be caused due to the location of certain diseases in the body. For example, 10-20 percent of diabetic patients suffer from this disease. Patients with heart disease, thyroid, Parkinson’s, and after-hand surgery are also more likely to be affected, among other diseases.

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Doctors think that if you don’t work for a long time, a frozen shoulder may occur due to stiffness in the shoulder joint. Also, there is a risk of this disease if there is a lot of pressure on the shoulder joints. So never lift too heavy things.

The shoulder twists violently, no work should be done with the shoulder moving in such a way. If you have had a shoulder injury in the past but did not receive proper treatment, a frozen shoulder may still be a problem. Besides, the patient can suffer from this pain due to any one of these reasons such as work pressure, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise.


  • Pain in neck joint with hand
  • Joint stiffness
  • Decreased ability to move joints
  • Not being able to sleep on the affected side
  • Hand weakness etc.

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Treatment and Physiotherapy

Treatment and Physiotherapy

Although pain seems to be the main problem for a patient with a frozen shoulder, the real problem is joint stiffness. The more the patient stops moving the hand due to fear of pain, the stiffer the joint becomes.

Therefore, the patient should be convinced that hand movement treatment is more important than pain medication. In this case, the only treatment method to regain the ability to move the hand while controlling the pain of the patient is proper physiotherapy treatment.

The physiotherapist diagnoses the patient’s joint problems through the description of the patient’s disease, physical test, physiotherapeutic special test, and radiological test. After that, according to the patient’s problem, he makes a treatment plan or treatment plan and according to that plan, he provides physiotherapy treatment in the following manner.

  • Manual therapy, mobilization, movement with mobilization, therapeutic exercises, etc.
  • Electrotherapy or treatment with advanced machines like – IRR, UST, etc.

Physiotherapy treatment plays an immense role in removing the joint problems of the patient and restoring the ability to move the hands. A frozen shoulder can take a year or more to heal. If treatment doesn’t work, sometimes surgery is needed.

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What is the way to prevent it?

Frozen shoulders can be prevented with light exercise and stretching after a shoulder injury or surgery. In this case, one should be patient and follow the doctor’s advice. Remember, with proper exercise, a frozen shoulder will get better over time. Early prevention is important to prevent a frozen shoulder from developing. Shoulder injury must be treated properly. Diabetes should be kept under control. Besides, regular exercise will also benefit.


It is normal for us to panic when there is excruciating pain in moving the shoulder. However, if this problem occurs without fear, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible without waiting. Taking regular medicines and exercising will reduce the problem. A healthy lifestyle should also be followed.

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