You are currently viewing Try detox drinks to stay hydrated and fit in summer

Try detox drinks to stay hydrated and fit in summer

Detox drinks to stay hydrated

Tox Drinks or Detox Water, the name is well known to health-conscious people. Detox drinks are the first choice of many to keep themselves alive in the midst of busyness. Make it yourself with different fruits or vegetables to stay hydrated and fit in summer. These detox drinks are much more beneficial than packaged juices bought from outside. Today’s feature is about Summer Special Detox Drinks Recipe. Let’s see then!

detox drinks

What are detox drinks?

The matter is very simple. In a word, the use of detox water is to remove all the harmful elements inside the body. Detox drinks can be made without any chemicals. In this case water, different types of fruits, mint leaves, ginger are used. But in some cases, vegetables are also used. They have various health benefits.

Preparation of some such detox drinks

One of the reasons why detox drinks are so popular today is that they can be prepared very quickly. Take a look at the preparation of some such detox drinks.

Lemon-mint detox water

Lemon-mint detox water

The easiest way to make detox water is with lemon and mint leaves. And if possible, oranges, cucumber slices, pineapples can be used for added taste. Nutritionists recommend keeping this drink on the breakfast table in the morning. By doing this, it will be much easier to shed excess body weight. Soak all the ingredients in normal water for at least thirty minutes. Then after straining that water, you will get the desired detox water. This is the easiest way to start the day in a healthy way in the morning.

Green coconut water with lemon and mint leaves

Green Coconut Water

Another refreshing detox drink can be made with that lemon and mint leaves. Of course, not water, now you need green coconut water. It removes the tiredness of the day and also fills the lack of water in the body. Adding green coconut water with a little lemon juice and a pinch of mint leaves makes a great drink. This detox drink will improve your digestion and also boost your immune system.

Detox drink with oranges and carrots

oranges and carrots

Orange is our favorite fruit. You can quickly make a detox drink with oranges and carrots. Both ingredients are rich in vitamin C. Also full of vitamin B, vitamin A and other nutrients. First, make carrot and orange juice separately with the help of a juicer. Now blend well with a little ginger and strain. Your detox drink will be ready in just a few minutes. This drink is perfect for everyone, young and old. You can also drink it with ice to stay hydrated and get a refreshing filling in the heat.

Cucumber detox drink

Cucumber detox drink

Usually cucumber and mint leaves, these two ingredients are more familiar to us as salad. Detox water can be easily made with these ingredients. Blend cucumber and mint leaves in sufficient amount of water and strain. After sprinkling it with a little chili powder and lemon juice, a cucumber-mint healthy drink will be prepared.

Detox smoothie with banana

smoothie with banana

Now let’s come to a delicious detox smoothie recipe. Blend a banana, 3/4 of dates, a pinch of ginger, Orange or lemon juice and chia seeds with enough water. Healthy and tasty banana smoothie is ready, which will give energy to the body instantly. There is no added sugar in it, so it is perfect for those who are on a diet.

Lychee-ginger detox drink

Lychee-ginger detox drink

Any seasonal fruit can be used in detox drinks. Make a delicious drink with litchi in summer. Put the chopped ginger, juice of half a lemon and 1 cup of litchi juice in the same bowl. Add some ice and some salt to it. Then blend directly. Get a refreshing filling in every sip, make it once and try it!


Try these healthy detox drinks to stay hydrated and fit this summer. Also, you can make detox drinks according to your choice with different fruits, spices, vegetables. These drinks made of completely natural ingredients are very helpful in burning excess body fat, increasing appetite and physical strength. If you get a chance, make your own different flavored detoxes with the ingredients you have on hand.

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